Frequently asked questions

Where do the cars come from?

Cartopia has the best of both NZ new cars and imported cars.
NZ new means the first time the car was sold was in New Zealand. By working with NZ's largest lease companies we can offer a range of NZ new, ex-lease vehicles.
But perhaps the NZ new range just doesn’t include your dream car. Cartopia fills these gaps by importing vehicles.

Are your prices GST inclusive?

Yes. All prices shown on our website are inclusive of GST.

How long will delivery take?

Cars are shipped from either Auckland or Christchurch so once payment has cleared getting it to your place in the big smoke can usually be done in a day or two. If you live elsewhere in Aotearoa delivery will usually be within 5 working days.

Things like raging storms, public holidays and wonderfully remote locations may mean delivery takes a little bit longer.

Whatever the case we’ll be sure to keep you informed at every step.

Can I trade-in my current car?

We can arrange for a cash offer on your current car which can be applied directly to your new purchase.
Please get in touch to discuss valuation options.

Can I test drive a car before I buy?

We do things a little differently to most car retailers.  We believe that four left-hand turns around the dealership aren’t enough to get truly acquainted with a car.  Instead we give you a 7 day / 500km test drive after you buy.  If you don't like it you can return it. How’s that! 

I am coming from out of town, can I pick up my car from your location?

If you are coming from out of town we can arrange to meet somewhere convenient for you.  If you are flying in we could meet you at the airport for instance.

Will I be covered by the CGA?

As long as the car is purchased for private, non-commercial use you are covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act.

How do I make a claim under the Consumer Guarantees Act?

To make a claim, request a claim form from our customer service team. Complete the form and email it to

We will investigate your claim and contact you within 2 business days to advise whether or not liability is accepted on your claim and details of the proposed resolution.

We will then work with you to resolve the issue, which may include the following options:

  1. Repairing the defect
  2. Replacing the vehicle with a similar or equivalent one
  3. Rejecting the purchase and providing a full refund
How do I check the status of a claim made under the Consumer Guarantees Act?

If you require an update on the status of your claim please contact customer service. So that we can respond promptly, please make sure you have your claim number ready.